Why Heritage Health
Namibia’s 1st medical aid fund that puts YOU in control of your healthcare needs with innovative and affordable Benefit Plans and introducing you to Digital Health Platforms.

 Innovative. Flexible. Affordable

We help our members to quantify and manage their health risk – and help them unlock new affordable and accessible healthcare by introducing new opportunities in benefit design, accessibility and affordability while promoting good service.

We provide industry-focused consulting and claims advocacy services, and technology, and analytics to help reduce our clients’ total cost of risk with affordable monthly contributions.

By joining Heritage Health Medical Aid Fund you will no longer need to make financial provision for the difference between the NAMAF Benchmark tariff and the costs being charged by the healthcare disciplines as Heritage Health is the only medical aid fund who pays all invoices at 100% of that amount being charged by the respective healthcare disciplines whether in or out of hospital including in South Africa, always pending available benefits according to the plan(s) you have chosen.

Heritage Health is the first medical aid fund to introduce digital platforms to its members including biometric risk management and online education platforms.

Why choose Heritage Health

  • Our benefit plans are refreshed, innovative, flexible and affordable.
  • We inspire you to take control of your health cover and costs.
  • We pay 100% of claims value received.
  • We provide customisable benefit options designed for young adults and young families.
  • Our Activate.Me Lifestyle Program rewards a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • We provide Digital Healthcare Platforms that drive an active lifestyle.
  • We make provision for All Age Brackets.
  • Members are Informed and are Motivated to take control of their health and Benefit Management.
  • We introduced Telemedicine, allowing technology to overcome geographical barriers and increase access to health care services.

Get Rewarded

Receive rewards for every course you complete through our online education platform. Another first.

Register now on PatientEDonline and gain access to a comprehensive patient education platform. Only available to Heritage Health Medical Aid Fund members.

To register visit: https://patiented.online

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Our medical benefit plans that benefit YOU

Today’s young adults have different health needs. We have benefit plan(s) which specifically addresses the health care needs of the younger generation and fits your budget.

Our benefit plans range from most inclusive cover on our Comprehensive Plans, to extensive in-hospital cover available on our Hospital Plans that include chronic medication, specialised radiology and oncology treatment – an industry first in Namibia.

You can design unique, flexible and affordable cover based on your specific healthcare and financial needs using our Day-to-Day Plans. For the first time, you have the ability to add a Day-to-Day Plan or a combination of the three available Day-to-Day plans as additional cover to your plan should you require more day-to-day benefits.

Comprehensive Plans

The Comprehensive Plans offer you the most inclusive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day benefits including specialised radiology, oncology, chronic medication and hospital casualty treatment.

Our Bonzai Comprehensive Plan is ideal for young adults as it specifically tailored towards needs for the age group 18 to 40.

You can choose between two of our Comprehensive Plans.

  • Hoodia
  • Bonzai

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Day-to-Day Plans

The 3 optional Day-to-Day Plans offer you essential cover for out-of-hospital benefits.

You have the advantage of choosing only one plan or a combination of all 3, pending your out-of-hospital needs.

The three optional Day-to-Day plans are:

  • Prime
  • Top
  • Standard


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Hospital Plans

The Hospital Plans offer you extensive cover for in-hospital benefits including specialised radiology, oncology and chronic medication – an industry first in Namibia.

You can choose between four of our Hospital Plans.

  • Baobab
  • Acacia
  • Mopani
  • Makalani



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Heritage Health Mobile App

Interacting online with your Medical Aid Fund all the time from any place in the world. Download the Heritage Health Mobile Application from your App Store free of charge. The service is available 24-hours from anywhere in the world allowing members to validate, manage and control their membership under Heritage Health Medical Aid Fund - an applied risk and information tool for Heritage Health Members only.

With the Heritage Health App, you have access to telemedicine services providing you access to medical expertise at the click of a button after-hours, weekends and Public Holidays. The Heritage Health Mobile Application allows you to simply snap pictures of your invoices, which immediately gets submitted onto the system. Another First.




Rewarding a healthy lifestyle


Activate.Me is our newly launched Lifestyle Program that assists healthy living through Lifestyle incentives that provide real-life tangible rewards. If you are motivated, focussed and dedicated towards maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, Activate.Me is for you.

As part of all our medical benefit plans, Activate.Me offers you

  • Biokineticist-supported training to help you improve your health for an active lifestyle.
  • Wellness benefits so that you can obtain important screening and prevention test.
  • Healthy Eating guidelines developed by dieticians available on our online education programs.
  • Fitness Tracker that tracks your vital signs and active lifestyle.
  • Telemedicine that provide you with 24 hours remote access to medical expertise at the click of a button.
  • Members may receive rewards by participating on the education platform, namely PatientED online.